About me

I'm a serial founder with technology and commercial expertise. I've led and advised multiple startups and raised pre-seed & seed from local & international VC. I've got experience across dev, design, product iteration, sales, finance & investment.

Opportunities I'm looking for

  1. Being your technical co-founder in a bootstrapped or power law venture tech startup.
  2. Being a fractional CxO for your startup. Fractional CTO is the most obvious but I can be a fractional CCO or COO too.
  3. Being a strategic adviser to a seed or pre-seed tech startup. This might be your own startup or a portfolio company (e.g. Operator Hours as part of a VC's value-add).
  4. Being a technology adviser to help you understand and navigate emerging technologies. For startups or non-startups.
  5. Partnering with you in a non-tech business. Hit me up - I'm always interested!

Find out more about hiring me

Are we a fit?

People with domain expertise and/or backgrounds in demand generation are a good fit for my skills.

For my part I have the technical and commercial background to steer an early stage tech business through the creation of a technology product and the startup experience to know that building software is not usually the critical part of that journey.

I’m action-oriented, a systems-thinker and able to come up with high quality insight or decisions quickly.

My background

I’m a software engineer by trade. I worked for a multinational tech firm in software engineering, finance and then sales before becoming an independent entrepreneur and investor 15 years ago. My USP is my dual expertise in technology and commerce.

I founded ran and sold a web/mobile dev agency.

I've invested in and advised 3 tech startups with ongoing involvement in the last two, including a director/co-founder role. I've helped them secure multi-million investment rounds and 7 figure deals.

I was sole founder of a tech startup that raised £1M in funding.

I do fractional CxO and advisory work via direct relationships with startups and via Operator Hours for a VC firm.

What's important to me

I highly value honesty. I believe you can be successful by being a decent human who doesn't step on others to get ahead. I also think it is great to get rich from your hard work - I’m not on a socialism quest. I value people who are hard working, intelligent and open to looking for the right answer to hard problems.

My personal motto is you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

I’ve got a wife, 3 kids and a dog so a lot of outside work time is family activities. My hobby is keeping on top of tech trends and tinkering with technology - coding, design, language models at the moment. In the past I was a tech podcaster. I like video games in my downtime.

Contact me

Contact me about any of the opportunities I'm looking for. Don't cold contact me about investment, recruitment or to sell me something.